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Orbit Consulting and Staffing began as a passion project without a name.  Angela Best has spent over 20 years working in the medical field, much of it as the Senior Professional Relations Consultant and Business Development Manager for Berg-Feinfield Vision Correction. During this time, she built strong relationships with hundreds of business owners and doctors.


These relationships allowed Angela to work closely with business, exchange knowledge and insight, share experiences, as well as build friendships.  Many conversations over the years with business owners and managers centered around the challenges of starting or managing a business and how difficult it was to fill support staff positions. Angela saw this opportunity to support the community and people she has enjoyed helping throughout her career.


Orbit specializes in helping professionals elevate their business, scale for growth, develop their teams, and fill  support staff needs. We provide specialized training to enhance and enrich teams to provide the best overall customer experience.


Our primary focus is to assist professionals with achieving their next level of success!


Angela Best



Angela is an accomplished PR representative. She has spent over 20 years in the medical field managing practices of varying sizes. During her tenure, she developed and conducted countless education courses for doctors and their teams. Her enthusiasm for the medical industry is unmatched and she is excited to help you achieve a thriving professional environment

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