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Orbit Consulting and Staffing offers premier assistance with a boutique approach to professionals in private practice & small business.

  • Targeted recommendations and support based on the distinctive culture of your business.

  • Education & development designed with our unique perspective in aiding teams, addressing everyday issues from working closely with the public, onboarding new team members to maximizing your team’s potential.

Orbit understands that the team is family, and our customers and patients are our dearest friends.


Our primary focus is to assist professionals with achieving their next level of success!

Taking Note

HR & Business Develoment

Private practices & small businesses have their own unique culture with benefits and challenges that are universal.


Evaluations are conducted to asses the unique needs of a business to make targeted recommendations based on the individual need.


  • Business & Team development

  • HR support

  • Scale for growth

  • Network expansion & engagement

  • Social visibility

  • Branding

  • Improve your in-office procedures


We use a tailored approach to support our clients in building a customized plan for success.


Education & Leadership Support

Each day offers opportunities to learn and grow.


Education is an investment that should make an impact, be fun and memorable, adding value to a team and the individual.


Most businesses are challenged with time, resources or both. We use a micro learning approach to maximize the learning experience, address specific skill sets or positions and refine skills.


Leaders create a vision and inspire others to achieve. Leading a team is rewarding and challenging. We support business owners, providing perspective and reflective opportunities to make the best decision for your business and your team.

Smiling medical personel

Talent Placement & Career Development

If you are considering bringing on a new team member, or moving into a new opportunity we help streamline the process. We take the busy work out of the job search and hiring.


Utilizing experience and knowledge of the ever-changing industry to simplify the search, providing knowledge and insight to the culture of a team.


  • Job Listing development & monitoring

  • Talent profile development


We approach placement with a matchmaking mentality to help find the best fit with the team culture for both sides.


“If it doesn’t work for both sides, it doesn’t work for either”

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